Our operation

SISARO connects brand owners and manufacturers in the FMCG sector with new markets. We have a vast network of experienced European associates who can help you expand beyond traditional boundaries. Our expertise lies in the Nordic, Spanish, and German markets, and we have established connections in the grocery and drugstore sectors. Choose SISARO and take your brand to new heights.


For Brand Owners and Manufacturers:

SISARO offers a unique advantage to brand owners and manufacturers. Our network spans multiple markets and categories, providing opportunities for businesses to expand. Benefits of working with us include:

1. Market Expansion: Our extensive presence in various European regions, including the Nordic countries and Spain, leads to significant business growth by accessing new markets.

2. Insight-Driven Strategies: We have long-term experience in Nordic and central European markets, providing tailored strategies that align with local consumer preferences and trends.

3. Efficient Market Entry: We have established relationships and a strong network within the retail sectors, simplifying market entry and reducing the time and resources needed for expansion.

4. Diverse Portfolio Access: Working with SISARO provides access to various categories, creating cross-category synergy and innovation opportunities.

For retailers:

SISARO offers retailers a range of benefits as a sourcing partner. We expand the supplier base and provide customised sourcing solutions aligning with retailers' goals and consumer demands.

Our extensive network, expertise, and strategic approach make us a valuable ally in achieving sustained growth and success in the dynamic FMCG landscape.